The SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Network_Storage_Modification datatype has everything required to place a modification to an existing StorageLayer account with SoftLayer. Modifications, at present time, include upgrade and downgrades only. The volumeId property must be set to the network storage volume id to be upgraded. Once populated send this container to the SoftLayer_Product_Order::placeOrder method.

The packageId property passed in for CloudLayer storage accounts must be set to 0 (zero) and the quantity property must be set to 1. The location does not have to be set. Please use the SoftLayer_Product_Package service to retrieve a list of CloudLayer items.

NOTE: When upgrading CloudLayer storage service from a metered plan (pay as you go) to a non-metered plan, make sure the chosen plan's storage allotment has enough space to cover the current usage. If the chosen plan's usage allotment is less than the CloudLayer storage's usage the order will be rejected.

Local Properties