The SoftLayer_Dns_Domain_ResourceRecord data type represents a single resource record entry in a SoftLayer hosted domain. Each resource record contains a host and data property, defining a resource's name and it's target data. Domains contain multiple types of resource records. The type property separates out resource records by type. Type can take one of the following values:
* "a" for address records
* "aaaa" for address records
* "cname" for canonical name records
* "mx" for mail exchanger records
* "ns" for name server records
* "ptr" for pointer records in reverse domains
* "soa" for a domain's start of authority record
* "spf" for sender policy framework records
* "srv" for service records
* "txt" for text records

As SoftLayer_Dns_Domain_ResourceRecord objects are created and loaded, the API verifies the type property and casts the object as the appropriate type.

Local Properties

Relational & Count Properties