Set an associated billing item to an orphan billing item. Associations allow you to tie an "orphaned" billing item, any non-server billing item that doesn't have a parent item such as secondary IP subnets or StorageLayer accounts, to a server billing item. You may only set an association for an orphan to a server. You cannot associate a server to an orphan if the either the server or orphan billing items have a cancellation date set.




the billing item to associate to this item


authenticate, SoftLayer_Billing_ItemInitParameters

Return Values


Associated Methods


Error Handling

  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public: Throw the exception "This billing item is not an orphan billing item." if the current billing item has a parent item or already has an association defined.
  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public: Throw the exception "There was a problem fetching data for the associated billing Item ([associatedId])" if the SoftLayer API is unable to locate the billing item you wish to associate.
  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public: Throw the exception "You may only associate orphan billing items to server billing items. You chose a [categoryCode] billing item." if the billing item you're attempting to associate is not a server billing item.
  • SoftLayer_Exception_Public: Throw the exception "You may not associate to this billing item ($associatedId) as it is scheduled for cancellation." if the associated billing item has a cancellationDate set.