Every SoftLayer customer account is associated to a brand

SoftLayer customers are unable to change their brand information in the portal or the API.


Create a new customer account record.

Create a new brand record.

Retrieve this flag indicates if creation of accounts is allowed.

Retrieve all accounts owned by the brand.

Retrieve the Product Catalog for the Brand

Retrieve the contact information for the customer account brand.

Retrieve the contacts for the brand.

Retrieve this references relationship between brands, locations and countries associated with a user's account that are ineligible when ordering products. For example, the India datacenter may not be available on this brand for customers that live in Great Britain.

Retrieve an account's associated hardware objects.

Retrieve Array

Retrieve Array

Retrieve a SoftLayer_Brand record.

Retrieve active accounts owned by the brand.

Retrieve Array

Retrieve an account's associated virtual guest objects.