Registration and management of domain names and domain related services.


Adds nameservers to a domain.

Deletes a registered nameserver.

Retrieve the SoftLayer customer account that the domain is registered to.

Get the authentication code for a domain.

Retrieve all domain information.

Retrieve domain nameservers.

Retrieve the domain registration status.

Retrieves extended attributes.

Retrieve a SoftLayer_Dns_Domain_Registration record.

Retrieves a registered nameserver.

Retrieve the registrant verification status.

Retrieves registrant verification status.

Retrieve domain transfer information.

Locks a domain.

Lookup available domains and suggests other similar domain names

Modifies contact information for a domain.

Modifies a registered nameserver.

Creates a nameserver.

Removes nameservers from a domain.

Sends the authentication code

Sends verification email to the registrant.

Resends a transfer approval email message.

Sets the authentication code for a domain.

Unlocks a domain.