A monitoring robot is a set of essential agents that lets SoftLayer monitoring management system to communicate with a server, a Cloud Computing Instance or a Bare Metal Instance.

A monitoring robot must be installed in order for any monitoring agent to report monitoring data to a SoftLayer monitoring hub system.

TCP ports from 48000 to 48020 should be open on your server or cloud instance for advanced monitoring robots and agents.


Checks if a monitoring robot can communicate with SoftLayer monitoring management system

Retrieve the account associated with the corresponding robot.

Returns available configuration template groups for this monitoring agent.

Retrieve the program (monitoring agent) that gets details of a system or application and reporting of the metric data and triggers alarms for predefined events.

Retrieve a SoftLayer_Monitoring_Robot record.

Retrieve the current status of the robot.

Retrieve the SoftLayer_Software_Component that corresponds to the robot installation on the server.

Resets monitoring robot status to "Active"