Retrieve the category information for a product item.


Return a list of Items in the "Additional Services" package with their active prices for a given product item category.

Retrieve the billing items associated with an account that share a category code with an item category's category code.

Returns a collection of computing categories.

Retrieve this invoice item's "item category group".

Retrieve a collection of service offering category groups. Each group contains a collection of items associated with this category.

Retrieve a SoftLayer_Product_Item_Category record.

Retrieve any unique options associated with an itme category.

Retrieve a list of configuration available in this category.'

Retrieve a list of preset configurations this category is used in.'

Retrieve the question references that are associated with an item category.

Retrieve the questions that are associated with an item category.

Returns a list of subnet categories.

Returns a collection of top-level categories.

Returns service product categories that can be canceled via API