SoftLayer_Security_Certificate_Request_Status indicates the status of your SSL certificate order. When you submit an SSL certificate order, it will be in "Pending CA Approval" status. This is the only status that you can cancel your order if you want.

If a Certificate Authority approve your order, your order status will change to "Approved". Once your order is approved, you will receive your fulfillment email from CA that contains your SSL certificate. SoftLayer does not store your SSL certificate in our system. So, if you lose the email from your CA, you can have them to resend the fulfillment email via SoftLayer customer portal. Your approved order will be picked up by SoftLayer's billing system and it will complete the payment process. Finally, your order will change to "Complete" status when the payment process was successful.

There might be a chance that your SSL certificate order could rejected by a CA. Our automated system will put a rejected order into "Canceled" status. You can contact SoftLayer Support for more details.


Retrieve a SoftLayer_Security_Certificate_Request_Status record.

Returns all SSL certificate request status objects