May 21, 2007

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<p>Welcome to the SoftLayer Developer Network!</p> <p>SoftLayer has been a leader in giving our customers control over

Welcome to the SoftLayer Developer Network!

SoftLayer has been a leader in giving our customers control over their dedicated server environment through our customer portal. Now we are pushing the envelope and exposing that same level of functionality to our customers through an API. To help you we have created this community - The SoftLayer Developer Network.

Just think of what you could do with an API to the datacenter. You could integrate the API into your custom application, you could write a plug-in to your favorite third party app, you could integrate dedicated server command and control into your corporate intranet, or you could even create your own version of the SoftLayer portal.

This initial (1.0 beta) release of the API is fairly simple. We decided to start with a basic feature set and see what other features the SoftLayer community wanted.  This is where our users come in.  Let us know what features you would like to see in the API by commenting on blog posts or posting in our forums. 

Take a look around, read the FAQs, download the SDK, and post in the forums. We are excited about the SoftLayer API and hope you will be too.


If this article contains any error, or leaves any of your questions unanswered, please help us out by opening up a github issue.
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