May 29, 2007

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You ask, we respond

<p>(This post refers to SoftLayer API version 1. Check out <a href=

(This post refers to SoftLayer API version 1. Check out API version 3 for our latest updates.)

We have received a lot of positive feedback on the API. Thanks, we appreciate it. We stood around and patted ourselves on the back for five seconds and got back to work.The first few requests were for bandwidth graphs of our network providers and the ability to control the SoftLayer DNS resolvers for forward and reverse lookups just like in the customer portal. These will be the next couple features you see.Another popular suggestion is for an API function to perform OS reloads (like you currently can from the customer portal). Also, some of you have asked for a sandbox. We are scoping out these two projects so we can add these as well.

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