Items with tag softlayer_account_media_data_transfer_request


    • editObject
      Edit the properties of a data transfer request record by passing in a modified instance of a SoftLayer_Account_Media_Data_Transfer_Request object.
    • getAccount
      The account to which the request belongs.
    • getActiveTickets
      The active tickets that are attached to the data transfer request.
    • getAllRequestStatuses
      Retrieves a list of all the possible statuses to which a request may be set.
    • getBillingItem
      The billing item for the original request.
    • getCreateUser
      The customer user who created the request.
    • getMedia
      The media of the request.
    • getModifyEmployee
      The employee who last modified the request.
    • getModifyUser
      The customer user who last modified the request.
    • getObject
      Retrieve a SoftLayer_Account_Media_Data_Transfer_Request record.
    • getShipments
      The shipments of the request.
    • getStatus
      The status of the request.
    • getTickets
      All tickets that are attached to the data transfer request.
    • SoftLayer_Account_Media_Data_Transfer_Request
      The SoftLayer_Account_Media_Data_Transfer_Request data type contains information on a single Data Transfer Service request. Creation of these requests is limited to SoftLayer customers through the SoftLayer Customer Portal.
    • SoftLayer_Account_Media_Data_Transfer_Request
      SoftLayer's Data Transfer Request Service allows users to send SoftLayer media devices such as DVDs, CDs, USB hard drives or USB flash/thumb drives. These media can be connected to SoftLayer servers and presented as ISCSI targets for use by the user. Currently, the initial usage period is two weeks and there is no charge for this service. Additional time for maintaining the media for continued may be purchased. Please contact sales for additional information regarding this. Once the usage period has elapsed. SoftLayer will disconnect the media and return it to the user.