Items with tag softlayer_billing_item_cancellation_request




    • SoftLayer_Billing_Item_Cancellation_Request
      SoftLayer customers can use this API to submit a cancellation request. A single service cancellation can contain multipl...
    • createObject
      This method creates a service cancellation request. You need to have 'Cancel Services' privilege to create a cancellat...
    • getAccount
      Retrieve the SoftLayer account that a service cancellation request belongs to.
    • getAllCancellationRequests
      This method returns all service cancellation requests. Make sure to include the 'resultLimit' in the SOAP request head...
    • getCancellationCutoffDate
      Services can be canceled 2 or 3 days prior to your next bill date. This service returns the time by which a cancellation...
    • getItems
      Retrieve a collection of service cancellation items.
    • getObject
      getObject retrieves the SoftLayer_Billing_Item_Cancellation_Request object whose ID number corresponds to the ID number...
    • getStatus
      Retrieve the status of a service cancellation request.
    • getTicket
      Retrieve the ticket that is associated with the service cancellation request.
    • getUser
      Retrieve the user that initiated a service cancellation request.
    • removeCancellationItem
      This method removes a cancellation item from a cancellation request that is in 'Pending' or 'Approved' status.
    • SoftLayer_Billing_Item_Cancellation_Request
      SoftLayer_Billing_Item_Cancellation_Request data type is used to cancel service billing items.
    • validateBillingItemForCancellation
      This method examined if a billing item is eligible for cancellation. It checks if the billing item you provided is alrea...
    • void
      This method voids a service cancellation request in 'Pending' or 'Approved' status.