Items with tag softlayer_billing_item_cancellation_request




    • createObject
      This method creates a service cancellation request. You need to have 'Cancel Services' privilege to create a cancellation request. You have to provide at least one SoftLayer_Billing_Item_Cancellation_Request_Item in the 'items' property. Make sure billing item's category code belongs to the cancelable product codes. You can retrieve the cancelable product category by the [SoftLayer_Product_Item_Category::getValidCancelableServiceItemCategories](/reference/datatypes/$1/#$2) service.
    • getAccount
      The SoftLayer account that a service cancellation request belongs to.
    • getAllCancellationRequests
      This method returns all service cancellation requests. Make sure to include the 'resultLimit' in the SOAP request header for quicker response. If there is no result limit header is passed, it will return the latest 25 results by default.
    • getCancellationCutoffDate
      Services can be canceled 2 or 3 days prior to your next bill date. This service returns the time by which a cancellation request submission is permitted in the current billing cycle. If the current time falls into the cut off date, this will return next earliest cancellation cut off date. Available category codes are: service, server
    • getItems
      A collection of service cancellation items.
    • getObject
      getObject retrieves the SoftLayer_Billing_Item_Cancellation_Request object whose ID number corresponds to the ID number of the init parameter passed to the SoftLayer_Billing_Item_Cancellation_Request service. You can only retrieve cancellation request records that are assigned to your SoftLayer account.
    • getStatus
      The status of a service cancellation request.
    • getTicket
      The ticket that is associated with the service cancellation request.
    • getUser
      The user that initiated a service cancellation request.
    • removeCancellationItem
      This method removes a cancellation item from a cancellation request that is in 'Pending' or 'Approved' status.
    • SoftLayer_Billing_Item_Cancellation_Request
      SoftLayer_Billing_Item_Cancellation_Request data type is used to cancel service billing items.
    • SoftLayer_Billing_Item_Cancellation_Request
      SoftLayer customers can use this API to submit a cancellation request. A single service cancellation can contain multiple cancellation items which contain a billing item.
    • validateBillingItemForCancellation
      This method examined if a billing item is eligible for cancellation. It checks if the billing item you provided is already in your existing cancellation request.
    • void
      This method voids a service cancellation request in 'Pending' or 'Approved' status.