Items with tag softlayer_billing_order



    • Provision Times
      Generates a report of how long servers took to provision
    • Get bills by user
      Goes through the upcoming invoice, collects billing items by their user, and prints out the results along with a sum of costs


    • SoftLayer_Billing_Order
      The SoftLayer_Billing_Order service controls the orders that are created whenever a SoftLayer customer's places a purcha...
    • approveModifiedOrder
      When an order has been modified, the customer will need to approve the changes. This method will allow the customer to a...
    • getAccount
      Retrieve the [SoftLayer_Account]({{<ref 'reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Account'>}}) to which an order belongs.
    • getAllObjects
      This will get all billing orders for your account.
    • getBrand
    • getCart
      Retrieve a cart is similar to a quote, except that it can be continually modified by the customer and does not have lock...
    • getCoreRestrictedItems
      Retrieve the [SoftLayer_Billing_Order_Item]({{<ref 'reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Billing_Order_Item'>}}) that are core...
    • getCreditCardTransactions
      Retrieve all credit card transactions associated with this order. If this order was not placed with a credit card, this...
    • getExchangeRate
    • getInitialInvoice
    • getItems
      Retrieve the SoftLayer_Billing_Order_items included in an order.
    • getObject
      getObject retrieves the SoftLayer_Billing_Order object whose ID number corresponds to the ID number of the init paramete...
    • getOrderApprovalDate
    • getOrderNonServerMonthlyAmount
      Retrieve an order's non-server items total monthly fee.
    • getOrderServerMonthlyAmount
      Retrieve an order's server items total monthly fee.
    • getOrderStatuses
      Get a list of [SoftLayer_Container_Billing_Order_Status]({{<ref 'reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Container_Billing_Order_S...
    • getOrderTopLevelItems
      Retrieve an order's top level items. This normally includes the server line item and any non-server additional services...
    • getOrderTotalAmount
      Retrieve this amount represents the order's initial charge including set up fee and taxes.
    • getOrderTotalOneTime
      Retrieve an order's total one time amount summing all the set up fees, the labor fees and the one time fees. Taxes will...
    • getOrderTotalOneTimeAmount
      Retrieve an order's total one time amount. This amount represents the initial fees before tax.
    • getOrderTotalOneTimeTaxAmount
      Retrieve an order's total one time tax amount. This amount represents the tax that will be applied to the total charge,...
    • getOrderTotalRecurring
      Retrieve an order's total recurring amount. Taxes will be applied for non-tax-exempt. This amount represents the fees th...
    • getOrderTotalRecurringAmount
      Retrieve an order's total recurring amount. This amount represents the fees that will be charged on a recurring (usually...
    • getOrderTotalRecurringTaxAmount
      Retrieve the total tax amount of the recurring fees, if the SoftLayer_Account tied to a SoftLayer_Billing_Order is a tax...
    • getOrderTotalSetupAmount
      Retrieve an order's total setup fee.
    • getOrderType
      Retrieve the type of an order. This lets you know where this order was generated from.
    • getPaypalTransactions
      Retrieve all PayPal transactions associated with this order. If this order was not placed with PayPal, this will be empt...
    • getPdf
      Retrieve a PDF record of a SoftLayer quote. If the order is not a quote, an error will be thrown.
    • getPdfFilename
      Retrieve the default filename of an order PDF.
    • getPresaleEvent
    • getQuote
      Retrieve the quote of an order. This quote holds information about its expiration date, creation date, name and status....
    • getRecalculatedOrderContainer
      Generate an [SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order]({{<ref 'reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order'>}}) from...
    • getReceipt
      Generate a [SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Receipt]({{<ref 'reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order_Rec...
    • getReferralPartner
      Retrieve the Referral Partner who referred this order. (Only necessary for new customer orders)
    • getUpgradeRequestFlag
      Retrieve this flag indicates an order is an upgrade.
    • getUserRecord
      Retrieve the SoftLayer_User_Customer object tied to an order.
    • isPendingEditApproval
      When an order has been modified, it will contain a status indicating so. This method checks that status and also verifie...
    • SoftLayer_Billing_Order
      The SoftLayer_Billing_Order data type contains general information relating to an individual order applied to a SoftLaye...