Items with tag softlayer_billing_order_item


    • Provision Times
      Generates a report of how long servers took to provision
    • Get bills by user
      Goes through the upcoming invoice, collects billing items by their user, and prints out the results along with a sum of costs


    • SoftLayer_Billing_Order_Item
      The SoftLayer_Billing_Order_Item datatype provides information regarding a single ordered item. When a server order or a...
    • getBillingItem
      Retrieve the SoftLayer_Billing_Item tied to the order item.
    • getBundledItems
      Retrieve the other items included with an ordered item.
    • getCategory
      Retrieve the item category tied to an order item.
    • getChildren
      Retrieve the child order items for an order item. All server order items should have children. These children are consid...
    • getGlobalIdentifier
      Retrieve a hardware's universally unique identifier.
    • getHardwareGenericComponent
      Retrieve the component type tied to an order item. All hardware-specific items should have a generic hardware component.
    • getItem
      Retrieve the SoftLayer_Product_Item tied to an order item. The item is the actual definition of the product being sold.
    • getItemCategoryAnswers
      Retrieve this is an item's category answers.
    • getItemPrice
      Retrieve the SoftLayer_Product_Item_Price tied to an order item. The item price object describes the cost of an item.
    • getLocation
      Retrieve the location of an ordered item. This is usually the same as the server it is being ordered with. Otherwise it...
    • getNextOrderChildren
    • getObject
      getObject retrieves the SoftLayer_Billing_Item object whose ID number corresponds to the ID number of the init parameter...
    • getOldBillingItem
      Retrieve this is only populated when an upgrade order is placed. The old billing item represents what the billing was be...
    • getOrder
      Retrieve the order to which this item belongs. The order contains all the information related to the items included in a...
    • getOrderApprovalDate
    • getPackage
      Retrieve the SoftLayer_Product_Package an order item is a part of.
    • getParent
      Retrieve the parent order item ID for an item. Items that are associated with a server will have a parent. The parent wi...
    • getPreset
      Retrieve the SoftLayer_Product_Package_Preset related to this order item.
    • getPromoCode
    • getRedundantPowerSupplyCount
      Retrieve a count of power supplies contained within this SoftLayer_Billing_Order
    • getSoftwareDescription
      Retrieve for ordered items that are software items, a full description of that software can be found with this property.
    • getStorageGroups
      Retrieve the drive storage groups that are attached to this billing order item.
    • getTotalRecurringAmount
      Retrieve the recurring fee of an ordered item. This amount represents the fees that will be charged on a recurring (usua...
    • getUpgradeItem
      Retrieve the next SoftLayer_Product_Item in the upgrade path for this order item.
    • SoftLayer_Billing_Order_Item
      Every individual item that a SoftLayer customer is billed for is recorded in the SoftLayer_Billing_Item data type. Billi...