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    • SoftLayer_Dns_Domain_Registration
      Registration and management of domain names and domain related services.
    • addNameserversToDomain
      The addNameserversToDomain method adds nameservers to a domain for a domain that already has nameservers assigned to it....
    • deleteRegisteredNameserver
      The deleteRegisteredNameserver method deletes a nameserver that was registered, provided it is not currently serving a d...
    • getAccount
      Retrieve the SoftLayer customer account that the domain is registered to.
    • getAuthenticationCode
      The getAuthenticationCode method retrieves the authentication code for the domain.
    • getDomainInformation
      The getDomainInformation method retrieves all the information for a domain.
    • getDomainNameservers
      The getDomainNameservers method retrieve nameservers information for domain.
    • getDomainRegistrationStatus
      Retrieve the domain registration status.
    • getExtendedAttributes
      The getExtendedAttributes method determines if a country code top level domain requires extended attributes.
    • getObject
      getObject retrieves the SoftLayer_Dns_Domain_Registration object whose ID number corresponds to the ID number of the ini...
    • getRegisteredNameserver
      The getRegisteredNameserver method retrieves registered nameservers.
    • getRegistrantVerificationStatus
      Retrieve the registrant verification status.
    • getRegistrantVerificationStatusDetail
      When a domain is registered or transferred, or when the registrant contact information is changed, the registrant must r...
    • getServiceProvider
    • getTransferInformation
      The getTransferInformation method checks to see if the domain can be transferred and also can be used to check the statu...
    • lockDomain
      The lockDomain method locks a domain to prevent unauthorized, unwanted or accidental changes to the domain name. When se...
    • lookupDomain
      The lookupDomain method checks whether a specified domain name is available for registration in TLD's, and suggests othe...
    • modifyContact
      The modifyContact method modifies contact information (admin, billing, owner, technical) for a domain.
    • modifyRegisteredNameserver
      The modifyRegisteredNameserver method modifies a nameserver that was registered.
    • registerNameserver
      The registerNameserver method creates a nameserver for the domain.
    • removeNameserversFromDomain
      The removeNameserversFromDomain method removes nameservers from a domain for a domain that already has nameservers assig...
    • sendAuthenticationCode
      The sendAuthenticationCode method sends the authentication code to the administrative contact for the domain.
    • sendRegistrantVerificationEmail
      When a domain is registered or transferred, or when the registrant contact information is changed, the registrant must r...
    • sendTransferApprovalEmail
      The sendTransferApprovalEmail method resends a transfer approval email message for a transfer that is in 'pending owner...
    • setAuthenticationCode
      The setAuthenticationCode method sets the authentication code for the domain. The authentication code is a transfer key...
    • SoftLayer_Dns_Domain_Registration
      The SoftLayer_Dns_Domain_Registration data type represents a domain registration record.
    • unlockDomain
      The unlockDomain method unlocks a domain