Items with tag softlayer_hardware_component_partition_template


    • getAccount
      A partition template's associated [SoftLayer_Account](/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Account).
    • getData
      An individual partition for a partition template. This is identical to 'partitionTemplatePartition' except this will sort unix partitions.
    • getExpireDate
    • getObject
      getObject retrieves the SoftLayer_Hardware_Component_Partition_Template object whose ID number corresponds to the ID number of the init parameter passed to the SoftLayer_Hardware_Component_Partition_Template service. You can only retrieve the partition templates that your account created or the templates predefined by SoftLayer.
    • getPartitionOperatingSystem
      A partition template's associated [SoftLayer_Hardware_Component_Partition_OperatingSystem](/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Hardware_Component_Partition_OperatingSystem).
    • getPartitionTemplatePartition
      An individual partition for a partition template.
    • SoftLayer_Hardware_Component_Partition_Template
      The SoftLayer_Hardware_Component_Partition_Template data type contains general information relating to a single SoftLayer partition template. Partition templates group 1 or more partition configurations that can be used to predefine how a hard drive's partitions will be configured.
    • SoftLayer_Hardware_Component_Partition_Template
      Every SoftLayer Partition Template is defined in the SoftLayer_Hardware_Component_Partition_Template service. The '''SoftLayer_Hardware_Component_Partition_Template''' service defines all SoftLayer Partition Templates that exist. SoftLayer Partition Templates group together several partitions that define a configuration of templates for a particular hard drive.