Items with tag softlayer_layout_profile_customer


    • createObject
      This method creates a new layout profile object.
    • deleteObject
      This method deletes an existing layout profile and associated custom preferences
    • editObject
      This method edits an existing layout profile object by passing in a modified instance of the object.
    • getLayoutContainers
    • getLayoutPreferences
    • getObject
      Retrieve a SoftLayer_Layout_Profile_Customer record.
    • getUserRecord
    • modifyPreference
      This method modifies an existing associated [SoftLayer_Layout_Profile_Preference](/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Layout_Profile_Preference) object. If the preference object being modified is a default value object, a new record is created to override the default value. Only preferences that are assigned to a profile may be updated. Attempts to update a non-existent preference object will result in an exception being thrown.
    • modifyPreferences
      Using this method, multiple [SoftLayer_Layout_Profile_Preference](/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Layout_Profile_Preference) objects may be updated at once. Refer to [[SoftLayer_Layout_Profile::modifyPreference()]] for more information.
    • SoftLayer_Layout_Profile_Customer
    • SoftLayer_Layout_Profile_Customer