Items with tag softlayer_network_cdnmarketplace_account


    • getAccount
      SoftLayer account to which the CDN account belongs.
    • getBillingItem
      An associated parent billing item which is active.
    • getObject
      Retrieve a SoftLayer_Network_CdnMarketplace_Account record.
    • SoftLayer_Network_CdnMarketplace_Account
      The SoftLayer_Network_CdnMarketplace_Account data type models an individual CDN account. CDN accounts contain the SoftLayer account ID of the customer, the vendor ID the account belongs to, the customer ID provided by the vendor, and a CDN account's status.
    • SoftLayer_Network_CdnMarketplace_Account
      The SoftLayer_Network_CdnMarketplace_Account service allows customers to create, and delete CDN accounts. A SoftLayer_Network_CdnMarketplace_Account record is created when the customer configures a CDN account for the first time. A customer will be able to create multiple CDN accounts, but each account will be bound to a single vendor.
    • verifyCdnAccountExists
      Wrapper for UI to verify whether or not an account exists for user under specified vendor. Returns true if account exists, else false.