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    • getObject
      Retrieve a SoftLayer_Network_LBaaS_HealthMonitor record.
    • SoftLayer_Network_LBaaS_HealthMonitor
      The SoftLayer_Network_LBaaS_HealthMonitor type presents a structure containing attributes of a health monitor object associated with load balancer instance. Note that the relationship between backend (pool) and health monitor is N-to-1, especially that the pools object associated with a health monitor must have the same pair of protocol and port. Example: frontend FA: http, 80 - backend BA: tcp, 3456 - healthmonitor HM_tcp3456 frontend FB: https, 443 - backend BB: tcp, 3456 - healthmonitor HM_tcp3456 In above example both backends BA and BB share the same healthmonitor HM_tcp3456
    • SoftLayer_Network_LBaaS_HealthMonitor
    • updateLoadBalancerHealthMonitors
      Update load balancers health monitor and return load balancer object with listeners (frontend), pools (backend), health monitor server instances (members) and datacenter populated