Items with tag softlayer_network_lbaas_l7member


    • addL7PoolMembers
      Add server instances as members to a L7pool and return the LoadBalancer Object with listeners, pools and members populated
    • deleteL7PoolMembers
      Delete given members from load balancer and return load balancer object with listeners, pools and members populated
    • getObject
      Retrieve a SoftLayer_Network_LBaaS_L7Member record.
    • SoftLayer_Network_LBaaS_L7Member
      The SoftLayer_Network_LBaaS_L7Member represents the backend member for a L7 pool. It can be either a virtual server or a bare metal machine.
    • SoftLayer_Network_LBaaS_L7Member
      The SoftLayer_Network_LBaaS_L7Member service allows consumers to manage (backend) members for L7 pools. A load balancer may have one or more L7 backend pools. A member can be added to one or more L7 backend pools. Deleting a backend member from one L7 pool will not remove it from other L7 pools to which it is associated. Weight of the backend member is a value between 1 and 256 but only applicable when the load balancing method configured is 'Weighted Round Robin'.
    • updateL7PoolMembers
      Update L7 members weight and port.