Items with tag softlayer_network_lbaas_l7pool


    • createL7Pool
      Create a backend to be used for L7 load balancing. This L7 pool has backend protocol, L7 members, L7 health monitor and session affinity. L7 pool is associated with L7 policies.
    • deleteObject
      Deletes an existing L7 pool along with L7 members, L7 health monitor, and L7 session affinity.
    • getL7HealthMonitor
    • getL7Members
    • getL7Policies
    • getL7PoolMemberHealth
      Returns the health of all L7 pool's members which are created under load balancer. L7 members health status is available only after a L7 pool is associated with the L7 policy and that L7 policy has at least one L7 rule.
    • getL7SessionAffinity
    • getObject
      Retrieve a SoftLayer_Network_LBaaS_L7Pool record.
    • SoftLayer_Network_LBaaS_L7Pool
      The SoftLayer_Network_LBaaS_L7Pool type presents a structure containing attributes of a load balancer's L7 pool such as the protocol, and the load balancing algorithm used. L7 pool is used for redirect_pool action of the L7 policy and is different from the default pool
    • SoftLayer_Network_LBaaS_L7Pool
    • updateL7Pool
      Updates an existing L7 pool, L7 health monitor and L7 session affinity.