Items with tag softlayer_network_subnet_registration



    • clearRegistration
      This method will initiate the removal of a subnet registration.
    • createObject
      Create registration with a global registrar to associate an assigned subnet with the provided contact details. Contact information is provided in the form of a [SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail](/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail), which reference can be provided when the registration is created or afterwards. Registrations without an associated person detail will remain in the ``OPEN`` status. To specify a person detail when creating a registration, the ``detailReferences`` property should be populated with a list item providing a ``detailId`` value referencing the [SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail](/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail). The same applies to [SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail](/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail), though these references need not be provided. The system will create a reference to the network described by the registration's subnet in the absence of a provided network detail reference. However, if a specific detail is referenced, it must describe the same subnet as the registration. A template containing the following properties will create a subnet registration: * networkIdentifier * cidr * detailReferences ``networkIdentifier`` is the base address of the public, SoftLayer owned subnet which is being registered. ``cidr`` must be an integer representing the CIDR of the subnet to be registered. The ``networkIdentifier``/``cidr`` must represent an assigned subnet. ``detailReferences`` tie the registration to SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail objects.
    • createObjects
      Create registrations with respective registrars to associate multiple assigned subnets with the provided contact details.
    • editObject
      This method will edit an existing SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration object. For more detail, see [SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration::createObject](/reference/datatypes/$1/#$2).
    • editRegistrationAttachedDetails
      This method modifies a single registration by modifying the current [SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration_Details](/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration_Details) objects that are linked to that registration.
    • getAccount
      The account that this registration belongs to.
    • getDetailReferences
      The cross-reference records that tie the [SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail](/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Account_Regional_Registry_Detail) objects to the registration object.
    • getEvents
      The related registration events.
    • getNetworkDetail
      The 'network' detail object.
    • getObject
      Retrieve a SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration record.
    • getPersonDetail
      The 'person' detail object.
    • getRegionalInternetRegistry
      The related Regional Internet Registry.
    • getRegionalInternetRegistryHandle
      The RIR handle that this registration object belongs to. This field may not be populated until the registration is complete.
    • getStatus
      The status of this registration.
    • getSubnet
      The subnet that this registration pertains to.
    • SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration
      The subnet registration data type contains general information relating to a single subnet registration instance. These registration instances can be updated to reflect changes, and will record the changes in the [SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration_Event](/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration_Event).
    • SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Registration
      Subnet registration objects are used to request and track registration of the subnet with the appropriate Regional Internet Registry (RIR). Registration for public subnets can be requested any time after assignment of the subnet. Subnet Registration objects can be updated any time after they are created. This will result in the information being submitted to the RIR and the records on their end being refreshed.