Items with tag softlayer_network_subnet_swip_transaction


    • findMyTransactions
      **DEPRECATED** This function will return an array of SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Swip_Transaction objects, one for each SWIP that is currently in transaction with ARIN. This includes all swip registrations, swip removal requests, and SWIP objects that are currently OK.
    • getAccount
      The Account whose RWHOIS data was used to SWIP this subnet
    • getObject
      **DEPRECATED** getObject retrieves the SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Swip_Transaction object whose ID number corresponds to the ID number of the init parameter passed to the SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Swip_transaction service. You can only retrieve Swip transactions tied to the account.
    • getSubnet
      The subnet that this SWIP transaction was created for.
    • removeAllSubnetSwips
      **DEPRECATED** This method finds all subnets attached to your account that are in OK status and starts 'DELETE' transactions with ARIN, allowing you to remove your SWIP registration information.
    • removeSwipData
      **DEPRECATED** This function, when called on an instantiated SWIP transaction, will allow you to start a 'DELETE' transaction with ARIN, allowing you to remove your SWIP registration information.
    • resendSwipData
      **DEPRECATED** This function will allow you to update ARIN's registration data for a subnet to your current RWHOIS data.
    • SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Swip_Transaction
      **DEPRECATED** The SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Swip_Transaction data type contains basic information tracked at SoftLayer to allow automation of Swip creation, update, and removal requests. A specific transaction is attached to an accountId and a subnetId. This also contains a 'Status Name' which tells the customer what the transaction is doing: * REQUEST QUEUED: Request is queued up to be sent to ARIN * REQUEST SENT: The email request has been sent to ARIN * REQUEST CONFIRMED: ARIN has confirmed that the request is good, and should be available in 24 hours * OK: The subnet has been checked with WHOIS and it the SWIP transaction has completed correctly * REMOVE QUEUED: A subnet is queued to be removed from ARIN's systems * REMOVE SENT: The removal email request has been sent to ARIN * REMOVE CONFIRMED: ARIN has confirmed that the removal request is good, and the subnet should be clear in WHOIS in 24 hours * DELETED: This specific SWIP Transaction has been removed from ARIN and is no longer in effect * SOFTLAYER MANUALLY PROCESSING: Sometimes a request doesn't go through correctly and has to be manually processed by SoftLayer. This may take some time.
    • SoftLayer_Network_Subnet_Swip_Transaction
      **DEPRECATED** SoftLayer's Automated Swip System is a finite state machine; it works by locally tracking a transaction between SoftLayer and the relevant Regional Internet Registry (RIR), assigning responsibility of a subnet to a customer. Transactions are dictated by the RIR's processing system, and the nature of the communication medium with each RIR, namely their REST API. Using this API, SoftLayer Customers are able to initiate, monitor, update, and remove Swip system transactions with ARIN and RIPE.
    • swipAllSubnets
      **DEPRECATED** swipAllSubnets finds all subnets attached to your account and attempts to create a SWIP transaction for all subnets that do not already have a SWIP transaction in progress.
    • updateAllSubnetSwips
      **DEPRECATED** This method finds all subnets attached to your account that are in 'OK' status and updates their data with ARIN. Use this function after you have updated your RWHOIS data if you want to keep SWIP up to date.