Items with tag softlayer_notification_occurrence_user


    • acknowledge
      Acknowledge the associated [SoftLayer_Notification_Occurrence_Event](/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Notification_Occurrence_Event) for this impacted user.
    • getAllObjects
      Returns a collection of impacted users, an account master user has the ability to see all impacted users under the account.
    • getImpactedDeviceCount
      A count representing the number of the user's devices currently impacted by the associated event will be returned.
    • getImpactedResources
      A collection of resources impacted by the associated event.
    • getNotificationOccurrenceEvent
      The associated event.
    • getObject
      Retrieve a SoftLayer_Notification_Occurrence_User record.
    • getUser
      The impacted user.
    • SoftLayer_Notification_Occurrence_User
      This type contains general information relating to a user that may be impacted by a [SoftLayer_Notification_Occurrence_Event](/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Notification_Occurrence_Event).
    • SoftLayer_Notification_Occurrence_User