Items with tag softlayer_notification_user_subscriber_billing


    • SoftLayer_Notification_User_Subscriber_Billing
      SoftLayer Customers can subscribe to receive notifications for various notification types. This service also allows you...
    • createObject
      Use the method to create a new subscription for a notification. This method is the entry method to the notification sys...
    • editObject
      The subscriber's subscription status can be 'turned off' or 'turned on' if the subscription is not required. Subscribe...
    • getDeliveryMethods
      Retrieve the delivery methods used to send the subscribed notification.
    • getNotification
      Retrieve notification subscribed to.
    • getObject
    • getPreferences
      Retrieve associated subscriber preferences used for the notification subscription. For example, preferences include numb...
    • getPreferencesDetails
      Retrieve preference details such as description, minimum and maximum limits, default value and unit of measure.
    • getResourceRecord
      Retrieve the subscriber id to resource id mapping.
    • getUserRecord
      Retrieve user record for the subscription.
    • SoftLayer_Notification_User_Subscriber_Billing
      A notification subscriber will have details pertaining to the subscriber's notification subscription. You can receive d...