Items with tag softlayer_product_upgrade_request


    • approveChanges
      When a change is made to an upgrade by Sales, this method will approve the changes that were made. A customer must acknowledge the change and approve it so that the upgrade request can proceed.
    • getAccount
      The account that an order belongs to
    • getCompletedFlag
      Indicates that the upgrade request has completed or has been cancelled.
    • getInvoice
      This is the invoice associated with the upgrade request. For hourly servers or services, an invoice will not be available.
    • getObject
      getObject retrieves a SoftLayer_Product_Upgrade_Request object on your account whose ID corresponds to the ID of the init parameter passed to the SoftLayer_Product_Upgrade_Request service.
    • getOrder
      An order record associated to the upgrade request
    • getServer
      A server object associated with the upgrade request if any.
    • getStatus
      The current status of the upgrade request.
    • getTicket
      The ticket that is used to coordinate the upgrade process.
    • getUser
      The user that placed the order.
    • getVirtualGuest
      A virtual server object associated with the upgrade request if any.
    • SoftLayer_Product_Upgrade_Request
      The SoftLayer_Product_Upgrade_Request data type contains general information relating to a hardware, virtual server, or service upgrade. It also relates a [SoftLayer_Billing_Order](/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Billing_Order) to a [SoftLayer_Ticket](/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Ticket).
    • SoftLayer_Product_Upgrade_Request
      SoftLayer_Product_Upgrade_Request tracks the progress of an upgrade, and allows modification of the maintenance window and other information.
    • updateMaintenanceWindow
      In case an upgrade cannot be performed, the maintenance window needs to be updated to a future date.