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    • createObject
      Add a certificate to your account for your records, or for use with various services. Only the certificate and private key are usually required. If your issuer provided an intermediate certificate, you must also provide that certificate. Details will be extracted from the certificate. Validation will be performed between the certificate and the private key as well as the certificate and the intermediate certificate, if provided. The certificate signing request is not required, but can be provided for your records.
    • deleteObject
      Remove a certificate from your account. You may not remove a certificate with associated services.
    • editObject
      Update a certificate. Modifications are restricted to the note and CSR if the are any services associated with the certificate. There are no modification restrictions for a certificate with no associated services.
    • findByCommonName
      Locate certificates by their common name, traditionally a domain name.
    • getAssociatedServiceCount
      The number of services currently associated with the certificate.
    • getLbaasListeners
      Cloud Load Balancer [LBaaS] listeners currently associated with the certificate.
    • getLoadBalancerVirtualIpAddresses
      The load balancers virtual IP addresses currently associated with the certificate.
    • getObject
      Retrieve a SoftLayer_Security_Certificate record.
    • getPemFormat
      Retrieve the certificate in PEM (Privacy Enhanced Mail) format, which is a string containing all base64 encoded (DER) certificates delimited by -----BEGIN/END *----- clauses.
    • SoftLayer_Security_Certificate
    • SoftLayer_Security_Certificate