Items with tag softlayer_software_component



    • getAverageInstallationDuration
      The average amount of time that a software component takes to install.
    • getBillingItem
      The billing item for a software component.
    • getHardware
      The hardware this Software Component is installed upon.
    • getLicenseFile
      Attempt to retrieve the file associated with a software component. If the software component does not support downloading license files an exception will be thrown.
    • getObject
      getObject retrieves the SoftLayer_Software_Component object whose ID corresponds to the ID number of the init parameter passed to the SoftLayer_Software_Component service. The best way to get software components is through getSoftwareComponents from the Hardware service.
    • getPasswordHistory
      History Records for Software Passwords.
    • getPasswords
      Username/Password pairs used for access to this Software Installation.
    • getSoftwareDescription
      The Software Description of this Software Component.
    • getSoftwareLicense
      The License this Software Component uses.
    • getVendorSetUpConfiguration
    • getVirtualGuest
      The virtual guest this software component is installed upon.
    • SoftLayer_Software_Component
      A SoftLayer_Software_Component ties the installation of a specific piece of software onto a specific piece of hardware. SoftLayer_Software_Component works with SoftLayer_Software_License and SoftLayer_Software_Description to tie this all together. <ul> <li>SoftLayer_Software_Component is the installation of a specific piece of software onto a specific piece of hardware in accordance to a software license. <ul> <li>SoftLayer_Software_License dictates when and how a specific piece of software may be installed onto a piece of hardware. <ul> <li>SoftLayer_Software_Description describes a specific piece of software which can be installed onto hardware in accordance with it's license agreement. </li></ul></li></ul></li></ul>
    • SoftLayer_Software_Component
      Every installed piece of software is represented in the API as a 'Software Component.' This is the base class for software components, exposing basic functionality for software components. From any Software Component, through this service, you can get the hardware a component is installed upon, the license that this component is governed by, the current access passwords for a component, and the history of previous passwords for a component.