Items with tag softlayer_software_description


    • getAllObjects
    • getAttributes
    • getAverageInstallationDuration
      The average amount of time that a software description takes to install.
    • getCompatibleSoftwareDescriptions
      A list of the software descriptions that are compatible with this software description.
    • getCustomerOwnedLicenseDescriptions
    • getFeatures
      The feature attributes of a software description.
    • getLatestVersion
      The latest version of a software description.
    • getObject
      Retrieve a SoftLayer_Software_Description record.
    • getProductItems
      The various product items to which this software description is linked.
    • getProvisionTransactionGroup
      This details the provisioning transaction group for this software. This is only valid for Operating System software.
    • getReloadTransactionGroup
      The transaction group that a software description belongs to. A transaction group is a sequence of transactions that must be performed in a specific order for the installation of software.
    • getRequiredUser
      The default user created for a given a software description.
    • getSoftwareLicenses
      Software Licenses that govern this Software Description.
    • getUpgradeSoftwareDescription
      A suggestion for an upgrade path from this Software Description
    • getUpgradeSwDesc
      A suggestion for an upgrade path from this Software Description (Deprecated - Use upgradeSoftwareDescription)
    • getValidFilesystemTypes
    • SoftLayer_Software_Description
      This class holds a description for a specific installation of a Software Component. SoftLayer_Software_Licenses tie a Software Component (A specific installation on a piece of hardware) to it's description. The 'Manufacturer' and 'Name' properties of a SoftLayer_Software_Description are used by the framework to factory specific objects, objects that may have special methods for that specific piece of software, or objects that contain application specific data, such as default ports. For example, if you create a SoftLayer_Software_Component who's SoftLayer_Software_License points to the SoftLayer_Software_Description for 'Swsoft' 'Plesk', you'll actually get a SoftLayer_Software_Component_Swsoft_Plesk object.
    • SoftLayer_Software_Description