Items with tag softlayer_user_customer_external_binding


    • deleteObject
      Delete an external authentication binding. If the external binding currently has an active billing item associated you will be prevented from deleting the binding. The alternative method to remove an external authentication binding is to use the service cancellation form.
    • disable
      Disabling an external binding will allow you to keep the external binding on your SoftLayer account, but will not require you to authentication with our trusted 2 form factor vendor when logging into the SoftLayer customer portal. You may supply one of the following reason when you disable an external binding: *Unspecified *TemporarilyUnavailable *Lost *Stolen
    • enable
      Enabling an external binding will activate the binding on your account and require you to authenticate with our trusted 3rd party 2 form factor vendor when logging into the SoftLayer customer portal. Please note that API access will be disabled for users that have an active external binding.
    • getAttributes
      Attributes of an external authentication binding.
    • getBillingItem
      Information regarding the billing item for external authentication.
    • getNote
      An optional note for identifying the external binding.
    • getObject
      Retrieve a SoftLayer_User_Customer_External_Binding record.
    • getType
      The type of external authentication binding.
    • getUser
      The SoftLayer user that the external authentication binding belongs to.
    • getVendor
      The vendor of an external authentication binding.
    • SoftLayer_User_Customer_External_Binding
      The SoftLayer_User_Customer_External_Binding data type contains general information for a single external binding. This includes the 3rd party vendor, type of binding, and a unique identifier and password that is used to authenticate against the 3rd party service.
    • SoftLayer_User_Customer_External_Binding
    • updateNote
      Update the note of an external binding. The note is an optional property that is used to store information about a binding.