Items with tag softlayer_user_customer_external_binding_verisign


    • SoftLayer_User_Customer_External_Binding_Verisign
      SoftLayer provides its customers the ability to add an additional layer of security to the SoftLayer customer portal by...
    • deleteObject
      Delete a VeriSign external binding. The only VeriSign external binding that can be deleted through this method is the f...
    • disable
      Disabling an external binding will allow you to keep the external binding on your SoftLayer account, but will not requir...
    • enable
      Enabling an external binding will activate the binding on your account and require you to authenticate with our trusted...
    • getActivationCodeForMobileClient
      An activation code is required when provisioning a new mobile credential from Verisign. This method will return the req...
    • getAttributes
      Retrieve attributes of an external authentication binding.
    • getBillingItem
      Retrieve the current billing item for an external binding.
    • getCredentialExpirationDate
      Retrieve the date that a VeriSign credential expires.
    • getCredentialLastUpdateDate
      Retrieve the last time a VeriSign credential was updated.
    • getCredentialState
      Retrieve the current state of a VeriSign credential. This can be 'Enabled', 'Disabled', or 'Locked'.
    • getCredentialType
      Retrieve the type of VeriSign credential. This can be either 'Hardware' or 'Software'.
    • getNote
      Retrieve an optional note for identifying the external binding.
    • getObject
    • getType
      Retrieve the type of external authentication binding.
    • getUser
      Retrieve the SoftLayer user that the external authentication binding belongs to.
    • getVendor
      Retrieve the vendor of an external authentication binding.
    • SoftLayer_User_Customer_External_Binding_Verisign
      The SoftLayer_User_Customer_External_Binding_Verisign data type contains information about a single VeriSign external bi...
    • unlock
      If a VeriSign credential becomes locked because of too many failed login attempts the unlock method can be used to unloc...
    • updateNote
      Update the note of an external binding. The note is an optional property that is used to store information about a bind...
    • validateCredentialId
      Validate the user id and VeriSign credential id used to create an external authentication binding.