Items with tag softlayer_user_external_binding


    • SoftLayer_User_External_Binding
    • deleteObject
      Delete an external authentication binding. If the external binding currently has an active billing item associated you...
    • getAttributes
      Retrieve attributes of an external authentication binding.
    • getBillingItem
      Retrieve information regarding the billing item for external authentication.
    • getNote
      Retrieve an optional note for identifying the external binding.
    • getObject
    • getType
      Retrieve the type of external authentication binding.
    • getVendor
      Retrieve the vendor of an external authentication binding.
    • SoftLayer_User_External_Binding
      The SoftLayer_User_External_Binding data type contains general information for a single external binding. This includes...
    • updateNote
      Update the note of an external binding. The note is an optional property that is used to store information about a bind...