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    • Managing Virtual_Host
      How to interact with the SoftLayer_Virtual_Host services, manage mappings and other related functions



    • getAccount
      The account which a virtual host belongs to.
    • getHardware
      The hardware record which a virtual host resides on.
    • getMetricTrackingObject
      The metric tracking object for this virtual host.
    • getObject
      Retrieve a SoftLayer_Virtual_Host record.
    • getPciDevices
    • SoftLayer_Virtual_Host
      The virtual host represents the platform on which virtual guests reside. At times a virtual host has no allocations on the physical server, however with many modern platforms it is a virtual machine with small CPU and Memory allocations that runs in the Control Domain.
    • SoftLayer_Virtual_Host
      The virtual host service provides a common interface to any virtualization platform supported by SoftLayer. Interaction with various third party APIs is not needed when implementing this service to administer your hosts.