Items with tag softlayer_account_internal_ibm


    • SoftLayer_Account_Internal_Ibm
      Processes requests by IBM employees to create an IaaS account tied to their email. Request process cannot be initiated d...
    • SoftLayer_Account_Internal_Ibm
    • getAccountTypes
      Validates request and, if the request is approved, returns a list of allowed uses for an automatically created IBMer Iaa...
    • getAuthorizationUrl
      Gets the URL used to perform manager validation.
    • getBmsCountryList
    • getEmployeeAccessToken
      Exchanges a code for a token during manager validation.
    • getManagerPreview
      After validating the requesting user through the access token, generates a container with the relevant request informati...
    • hasExistingRequest
      Checks for an existing request which would block an IBMer from submitting a new request. Such a request could be denied,...
    • managerApprove
      Applies manager approval to a pending internal IBM account request. If cost recovery is already configured, this will cr...
    • managerDeny
      Denies a pending request and prevents additional requests from the same applicant for as long as the manager remains the...
    • requestAccount
      Validates request and kicks off the approval process.