Items with tag softlayer_account_lockdown_request


    • SoftLayer_Account_Lockdown_Request
      This service allows approved brands the ability to disconnect, reconnect, and disable customer accounts under that brand...
    • SoftLayer_Account_Lockdown_Request
      The SoftLayer_Account_Lockdown_Request data type holds information on API requests from brand customers.
    • cancelRequest
      Will cancel a lockdown request scheduled in the future. Once canceled, the lockdown request cannot be reconciled and new...
    • disableLockedAccount
      Takes the original lockdown request ID, and an optional disable date. If no date is passed with the API call, the accoun...
    • disconnectCompute
      Takes an account ID and an optional disconnect date. If no disconnect date is passed into the API call, the account disc...
    • getAccountHistory
      Provides a history of an account's lockdown requests and their status.
    • getObject
    • reconnectCompute
      Takes the original disconnected lockdown event ID, and an optional reconnect date. If no reconnect date is passed with t...