Items with tag softlayer_account_media


    • SoftLayer_Account_Media
      SoftLayer's data transfer request media service allows users to access and manage their media devices that they have sub...
    • SoftLayer_Account_Media
      The SoftLayer_Account_Media data type contains information on a single piece of media associated with a Data Transfer Se...
    • editObject
      Edit the properties of a media record by passing in a modified instance of a SoftLayer_Account_Media object.
    • getAccount
      Retrieve the account to which the media belongs.
    • getAllMediaTypes
      Retrieve a list supported media types for SoftLayer's Data Transfer Service.
    • getCreateUser
      Retrieve the customer user who created the media object.
    • getDatacenter
      Retrieve the datacenter where the media resides.
    • getModifyEmployee
      Retrieve the employee who last modified the media.
    • getModifyUser
      Retrieve the customer user who last modified the media.
    • getObject
    • getRequest
      Retrieve the request to which the media belongs.
    • getType
      Retrieve the media's type.
    • getVolume
      Retrieve a guest's associated EVault network storage service account.
    • removeMediaFromList
      Remove a media from a SoftLayer account's list of media. The media record is not deleted.