Items with tag softlayer_monitoring_robot


    • SoftLayer_Monitoring_Robot
      A monitoring robot is a set of essential agents that lets SoftLayer monitoring management system to communicate with a s...
    • SoftLayer_Monitoring_Robot
      The SoftLayer_Monitoring_Robot data type contains general information relating to a monitoring robot.
    • checkConnection
      Checks if a monitoring robot can communicate with SoftLayer monitoring management system via the private network. TCP...
    • deployMonitoringAgents
    • getAccount
      Retrieve the account associated with the corresponding robot.
    • getAvailableConfigurationGroups
      Returns available configuration template groups for this monitoring agent.
    • getMonitoringAgents
      Retrieve the program (monitoring agent) that gets details of a system or application and reporting of the metric data an...
    • getObject
    • getRobotStatus
      Retrieve the current status of the robot.
    • getSoftwareComponent
      Retrieve the SoftLayer_Software_Component that corresponds to the robot installation on the server.
    • resetStatus
      If our monitoring management system is not able to connect to your monitoring robot, it sets the robot status to 'Limite...