Items with tag softlayer_network


    • Router Model Map
      Finds the model number of all networking equipment that is on the way to servers on the account.


    • SoftLayer_Network
      Provides services oriented to network-centric discovery and manipulation.
    • SoftLayer_Network
    • connectPrivateEndpointService
      Initiate the automated process to establish connectivity granting the account private back-end network access to the ser...
    • createObject
      Provide a template containing the following properties to create a Network: * networkIdentifier * cidr * name The ``n...
    • createSubnet
      Creation of a Subnet is necessary prior to provisioning compute resources into a Network. In order to create a Subnet, b...
    • deleteObject
      Remove the specified Network along with any Subnets.
    • deleteSubnet
      Provide a Subnet template containing the following properties: * networkIdentifier * cidr The ``networkIdentifier`` mus...
    • disconnectPrivateEndpointService
      Initiate the automated process to revoke mutual connectivity from the account network and IBM Cloud Service Endpoint net...
    • editObject
      Modify either the ``name`` or ``notes`` properties of a Network.
    • getAllObjects
    • getCidr
      Retrieve the size of the Network specified in CIDR notation. Specified in conjunction with the ``networkIdentifier`` to...
    • getName
      Retrieve a name for the Network. This is required during creation of a Network and is entirely user defined.
    • getNetworkIdentifier
      Retrieve the starting IP address of the Network. Specified in conjunction with the ``cidr`` property to specify the boun...
    • getNotes
      Retrieve notes, or a description of the Network. This is entirely user defined.
    • getObject
    • getSubnets
      Retrieve the Subnets within the Network. These represent the realized segments of the Network and reside within a [[Soft...
    • isConnectedToPrivateEndpointService
      Accessing select IBM Cloud services attached to the private back-end network is made possible by establishing a network...