Items with tag softlayer_security_certificate_request


    • SoftLayer_Security_Certificate_Request
      SoftLayer_Security_Certificate_Request holds your SSL certificate request data. This data is used to place an SSL certif...
    • SoftLayer_Security_Certificate_Request
      SoftLayer_Security_Certificate_Request data type is used to harness your SSL certificate order to a Certificate Authorit...
    • cancelSslOrder
      Cancels a pending SSL certificate order at the Certificate Authority
    • getAccount
      Retrieve the account to which a SSL certificate request belongs.
    • getAdministratorEmailDomains
      Gets the email domains that can be used to validate a certificate to a domain.
    • getAdministratorEmailPrefixes
      Gets the email accounts that can be used to validate a certificate to a domain.
    • getObject
    • getOrder
      Retrieve the order contains the information related to a SSL certificate request.
    • getOrderItem
      Retrieve the associated order item for this SSL certificate request.
    • getPreviousOrderData
      Returns previous SSL certificate order data. You can use this data for to place a renewal order for a completed SSL cert...
    • getSslCertificateRequests
      Returns all the SSL certificate requests.
    • getStatus
      Retrieve the status of a SSL certificate request.
    • resendEmail
      A Certificate Authority sends out various emails to your domain administrator or your technical contact. Use this servic...
    • validateCsr
      Allows you to validate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) required for an SSL certificate with the certificate authorit...