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    • SoftLayer_Tag
      SoftLayer's tagging service gives customers the ability to tag devices with keywords that can later be used to search up...
    • SoftLayer_Tag
      The SoftLayer_Tag data type is an optional type associated with hardware. The account ID that the tag is tied to, and th...
    • autoComplete
      This function is responsible for setting the Tags values. The internal flag is set to 0 if the user is a customer, and 1...
    • deleteTag
      Delete a tag for an object.
    • getAccount
      Retrieve the account to which the tag is tied.
    • getAllTagTypes
      Returns all tags of a given object type.
    • getObject
    • getReferences
      Retrieve references that tie object to the tag.
    • getTagByTagName
      Returns the Tag object with a given name. The user types in the tag name and this method returns the tag with that name.
    • setTags
      Tag an object by passing in one or more tags separated by a comma. Tag references are cleared out every time this method...