Items with tag softlayer_ticket_update_employee


    • SoftLayer_Ticket_Update_Employee
      Retrieve an update to a ticket made by a SoftLayer employee. Ticket updates created by employees have the option of bein...
    • SoftLayer_Ticket_Update_Employee
      The SoftLayer_Ticket_Update_Employee data type models an update to a ticket made by a SoftLayer employee.
    • addResponseRating
      As part of the customer service process SoftLayer has provided a quick feedback mechanism for its customers to rate the...
    • getChangeOwnerActivity
    • getChat
      Retrieve the chat between the Customer and Agent
    • getEditor
      Retrieve a representation of the SoftLayer employee who created a ticket update.
    • getFileAttachment
      Retrieve the files attached to a ticket update.
    • getObject
      getObject retrieves the SoftLayer_Ticket_Update_Employee object whose ID number corresponds to the ID number of the init...
    • getTicket
      Retrieve the ticket that a ticket update belongs to.
    • getType
      Retrieve the Type of update to this ticket