Items with tag softlayer_virtual_placementgroup




    • SoftLayer_Virtual_PlacementGroup
      SoftLayer_Virtual_PlacementGroup is a collection of virtual guests to be placed relative to each other according to a ru...
    • SoftLayer_Virtual_PlacementGroup
      This data type presents the structure for a virtual guest placement group. The data type contains relational properties...
    • createObject
      Add a placement group to your account for use during VSI provisioning.
    • deleteObject
      Delete a placement group from your account.
    • editObject
      Update a placement group.
    • getAccount
      Retrieve the account that the placement group is implemented on.
    • getAvailableRouters
      Returns all routers available for use with placement groups. If a datacenter location ID is provided, this method will f...
    • getBackendRouter
      Retrieve the router the placement group is implemented on.
    • getGuests
      Retrieve the virtual guests that are members of the placement group.
    • getObject
    • getRule
      Retrieve the placement rule that the placement group is implementing.