November 23, 2017


Create Image Template from external source

This script creates a transaction to import a disk image from an external source and create
a standard image template

Important manual pages:

Author: SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. <>
package main

import (

func main() {
	// SoftLayer API username and key.
	username  := "set me"
	apikey    := "set me"

	// Declare the name, note to be applied to the imported template
	name := "ExportImageTemplateTest"
	note := "Test - create from external source"

	Declare referenceCode of the operating system software description, some available options:
	   CENTOS_6_32, CENTOS_6_64, CENTOS_7_64, REDHAT_6_32, REDHAT_6_64, REDHAT_7_64, UBUNTU_12_32,
	   UBUNTU_12_64, UBUNTU_14_32, UBUNTU_14_64, WIN_2003-STD-SP2-5_32, WIN_2003-STD-SP2-5_64,
	   WIN_2008-STD-R2-SP1_64, WIN_2012-STD_64.
	operatingSystemReferenceCode := "CENTOS_6_64"

	// Declare storage, cluster, container and filename used to create the URL where image
	// will be copied.
	storageName   := "SLOS307608-40"
	clusterName   := "sao01"
	containerName := "softlayer_container"
	fileName      := "centos6test.vhd"

	// Build URL where image is hosted
	swift := fmt.Sprintf("swift://%s@%s/%s/%s", storageName, clusterName, containerName, fileName )

	// Build the Container_Virtual_Guest_Block_Device_Template_Configuration object
	configuration := datatypes.Container_Virtual_Guest_Block_Device_Template_Configuration{
		Name: sl.String(name),
		Note: sl.String(note),
		OperatingSystemReferenceCode: sl.String(operatingSystemReferenceCode),
		Uri: sl.String(swift),

	// Create session
	sess := session.New(username, apikey)

	// Get SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest_Block_Device_Template_Group service.
	service := services.GetVirtualGuestBlockDeviceTemplateGroupService(sess)

	// Create standard image from external source.
	image, err := service.CreateFromExternalSource(&configuration)
	if err != nil {
		fmt.Printf("\n Unable to create standard image:\n - %s\n", err)

	// Following creates a JSON object which is based on data of the captured image.
	jsonFormat, JsonErr := json.MarshalIndent(image,"","     ")
	if JsonErr != nil {

	// Print result in JSON format


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