September 19, 2016

Tags account sshkey filter

Look up an SSH key

Look up information about an SSH key by its label. Demonstrates how to use the SDK's filter utility to apply an objectFilter to limit a result set
package main

import (


// The key to look up
const label = "Test Public Key"

func main() {
    sess := session.New()
    service := services.GetAccountService(sess)

    keys, err := service.

    if err != nil {
        log.Fatal("Error retrieving SSH key: ", err)

    if len(keys) == 0 {
        log.Fatal("No ssh key found labeled ", label)

    if len(keys) > 1 {
        log.Fatal("More than one ssh key found labeled ", label)

    key := keys[0]

    fmt.Printf("Public Key [%s] found:\n", label)

    fmt.Println("\tID:", *key.Id)
    fmt.Println("\tFingerprint:", *key.Fingerprint)
    fmt.Println("\tKey:", *key.Key)

    notes := ""
    if key.Notes != nil {
        notes = *key.Notes

    fmt.Println("\tNotes:", notes)


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