September 19, 2016

Upgrade a virtual guest

This example demonstrates the use of helper functions that simplify the process of placing a virtual guest upgrade order
package main

import (


const guestID = 123456

func main() {
    sess := session.New()

    // Create a minimal Virtual_Guest object to pass to the upgrade helper
    guestToUpgrade := datatypes.Virtual_Guest{
        Id: sl.Int(guestID),

    // Upgrade to 4 Core, 8 GB
    upgradeOptions := map[string]float64{
        product.CPUCategoryCode:    float64(4),
        product.MemoryCategoryCode: float64(8),

    receipt, err := virtual.UpgradeVirtualGuest(sess, &guestToUpgrade, upgradeOptions)
    if err != nil {
        log.Fatal("Couldn't upgrade virtual guest:", err)

    fmt.Printf("Virtual Guest upgrade submitted.  Order ID: %s\n", *receipt.OrderId)


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