November 23, 2017
# Get the graph data from a monitoring agent
# The script gets the CPU usage in a determinate date range
# for more reference see below.
# Important manual pages.
# License:
# Author: SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. <>
use lib 'C:/softlayerApis/perl/softlayer-api-perl-client-master/';
use SoftLayer::API::SOAP;
use Data::Dumper;

# Your SoftLayer API username and key.
my $username = 'set me';
my $key = 'set me';

# Creating an skeleton SoftLayer_Container_Metric_Data_Type object wich represent
# the methic data that we will get. 
my $metric_data_types = [
        "summaryType" => "average",
        "keyName" => "CDM_CPU_USAGE",
        "name" => "cdm_cpu_usage_U3lzdGVt"

# The start date for the graph data
my $start_date = "2014-09-29T01:48:08.474Z";
# The end date for the graph data
my $end_date = "2014-09-29T01:53:08.474Z";
# The agent Id from where we want to get the graph data
# to get the monitor agents in your virtual guest
# call the SoftLayer_Virtual_Guest::getMonitoringAgents method
my $agent_id = 1448912;

# Creating a SoftLayer API client object
my $monitor_agent_service = SoftLayer::API::SOAP->new('SoftLayer_Monitoring_Agent', undef, $username, $key);

# Setting the init Parameter

my $result = $monitor_agent_service->getGraphData($metric_data_types, $start_date, $end_date);
if ($result->fault) {
    die 'Unable to get the graph data. ' . $result->faultstring;
print Dumper($result->result);


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