November 23, 2017


 * List all the private image templates in the account
 * The script calls the SoftLayer_Account::getPrivateBlockDeviceTemplateGroups method
 * to list the private templates in the account and uses an object mask
 * to display more related information of the images templates
 * License <>
 * Author SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. <>
require_once ('Softlayer/SoapClient.class.php');

# Your SoftLayer API username and key.
$username = 'set me';
$key = 'set me';

# Creating a SoftLayer API client object
$accountService = SoftLayer_SoapClient::getClient('SoftLayer_Account', null, $username, $key);

# Declaring an object mask to get more information about the images templates
$objectMask = "mask[summary,note,status[name],storageRepository[datacenter],transaction[transactionGroup,transactionStatus],children[storageRepository[datacenter],blockDevices[diskImage[type]]]]";

# Setting the object Mask

# Setting the object mask in the service and call the getPrivateBlockDeviceTemplateGroups to list the image templates
$result = $accountService->getPrivateBlockDeviceTemplateGroups();


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