November 23, 2017
Create a notification subscription

The script creates a notification for a determinate user in a determinate Virtual Guest
for more reference see these reference pages

Important manual pages

Author: SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. <>
import SoftLayer.API
from pprint import pprint as pp

# Your SoftLayer API username and key.
USERNAME = 'set me'
API_KEY = 'set me'

# Declare the API client
client = SoftLayer.Client(username=USERNAME, api_key=API_KEY)
userCustomerNotification = client['SoftLayer_User_Customer_Notification_Virtual_Guest']

Build a SoftLayer_User_Customer_Notification_Virtual_Guest skeleton object
which contains the virtual guest id and user id of the notification
newNotification = [
        'guestId': 7698972,
        'userId': 205832

    result = userCustomerNotification.createObjects(newNotification)
except SoftLayer.SoftLayerAPIError as e:
    print("Unable to create the notification "
          % (e.faultCode, e.faultString))