January 16, 2018

Creating a support ticket
Create a standard support ticket assigned to your user

Getting Subjects

Standard support tickets’ titles must be selected from a pre-determined list of ticket subjects, defined in the SoftLayer_Ticket_Subject service. The following example will output all of the Ticket Subjects:

import SoftLayer
client = SoftLayer.Client()
def getSubjects(self):
    mask = "mask[group]"
    subjects = client.call('SoftLayer_Ticket_Subject', 'getAllObjects', mask=mask)
    print("|Subject Id | Subject Name | Group Name |")
    print("| --- | --- | --- |")
    for subject in subjects:
        print("|%s| %s| %s|" % (subject['id'], subject['name'], subject['group']['name']))


Subject Id Subject Name Group Name
1522 API Question Support
1001 Accounting Request Accounting
1181 CDN Question SysAdmin
1261 Colocation Service Request Hardware
1041 DNS Request Support
1201 DOS/Abuse Issue Support
1121 Hardware Firewall Question Support
1021 Hardware Issue Support
1122 Hardware Load Balancer Question Support
1081 Licensing Question Support
1141 Mail Server Issue Support
1004 OS Reload Question Support
1005 Portal Information Question Support
1061 Private Network Question Support
1022 Public Network Question Support
1003 Reboots and Console Access Support
1002 Sales Request Sales
1603 Sales Request - Compute & Infrastructure Sales
1645 Sales Request - Firewall Service Sales
1647 Sales Request - General Question Sales
1605 Sales Request - Network & Security Services Sales
1643 Sales Request - Other Services Sales
1607 Sales Request - Upgrades & Add-ons Sales
1101 Security Issue Support
1161 Storage Question Support
1221 Transcoding Question Support
1723 VMware Solutions VMware Solutions
1482 Vyatta Question SysAdmin

Creating Tickets

Once you have the Ticket Subject ID you can pass it to createStandardTicket. In the following example we are opening a ticket under the subject Hardware Issue (ID 1021).

import SoftLayer
client = SoftLayer.Client()
currentUser = client['Account'].getCurrentUser()
new_ticket = {
       'subjectId': 1021,
       'assignedUserId': currentUser['id']
created_ticket = client.call('SoftLayer_Ticket', 'createStandardTicket', new_ticket, "Content of the ticket goes here")

Full Example

createStandardTicket takes a few arguments that can be used to create a ticket. Anything that isn’t an argument to createStandardTicket should be passed in as the ticket template object.

import SoftLayer
client = SoftLayer.Client()
def createTicket(self):
    current_user = client.call('SoftLayer_Account', 'getCurrentUser')
    body = "I'm testing API ticket creation. Please close this ticket if you see it. Thanks."
    serverId = 1317535
    serverPass = '12345'
    # http://sldn.softlayer.com/reference/datatypes/SoftLayer_Ticket
    new_ticket = {
        'subjectId': 1021,
        'assignedUserId': current_user['id'],
        'title': 'TESTING TICKET 003',
        'priority': 4
    # parameter list is from, need to be in order http://sldn.softlayer.com/reference/services/softlayer_ticket/createStandardTicket
    created_ticket = client.call('SoftLayer_Ticket', 'createStandardTicket', 
        new_ticket, body, serverId, serverPass, None, None, None, 'HARDWARE')


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