November 23, 2017

Get all the authorized hosts for a iSCSI.

Important manual pages:

Author: SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. <>
import SoftLayer

USERNAME = 'set me'
API_KEY = 'set me'

iscsiId = 6548079

# Declares the API client
client = SoftLayer.Client(username=USERNAME, api_key=API_KEY)
networkStorageService = client['SoftLayer_Network_Storage']

objectMask = "mask[id,username,allowedVirtualGuests[fullyQualifiedDomainName,allowedHost[name,credential[username,password]]],allowedHardware[fullyQualifiedDomainName,allowedHost[name,credential[username,password]]]]"

    response = networkStorageService.getObject(id=iscsiId, mask=objectMask)
except SoftLayer.SoftLayerAPIError as e:
    # If there was an error returned from the SoftLayer API then bomb out with the
    # error message.
    print("Unable to retrieve the network storage. faultCode=%s, faultString=%s" % (e.faultCode, e.faultString))


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